Way Out West

TPO have had the opportunity to follow the development of Way Out West from the beginning. We have grown along with the event from year to year. The first year we secured internet access for a handful of credit card machines. 2019 we delivered a large-scale solution for communication.

Not only are all sales digital at the festival area these days. Both visitors and the press see having high speed internet access as a given for them to being able share their experiences with the world. Our delivery consisted of network for production office as well as for stage personnel and artists, signal distribution for transmission of sound and video on the area, for example between different stages. Furthermore, we set up a public WiFi and wired networking for members of the press. We also secured connection for all points of sale and bars, other vendors as well as network for accreditation and ticket sales.

Around 20 surveillance cameras were also mounted and connected to a surveillance central with recording and playback capabilities.

In order to guarantee communication during all circumstances we also provided a landline for telephony and built a communication radio network with repeaters and about 400 comm radio units. During the entire course of the festival, about ten of our employees were present, building, providing support and dismantling the entire system. The infrastructure was constantly monitored, including by UPS technology, which made it possible for our staff to discover and fix any issues before the end user even noticed any deviation in performance. All equipment was secured against weather damage and all sorts
of physical manipulation.