Two Way Radios

For radio equipment rental, we use the most trusted and reliable comm radio available on the market from Motorola Solutions. We work with both digital and analogue radio systems and help you adapt a solution to your needs.

Communication radios from Motorola are built to withstand dirt, water, cold, heat and tough handling. In other words, they can take a normal day at work in our industry. Our equipment consists of original parts that are maintained and replaced continuously, which among other things means that the batteries are always of good quality and have a long life.


  • Windporting remote speaker microphone
  • Peltor headset
  • Spykit, air hose and mic
  • Earphone “mobile phone headset”
  • Operator headset

We deliver the radio equipment packaged to withstand transport in harsh environments.

18 radio units in racks with pull-out drawers for easy overview. Extra batteries are always included. Charging starts automatically when you connect the rack to an electrical outlet. Built-in lighting.

6 radio devices in Peli case. The units are stocked in a tray in the upper part of the case, ready for use. In the lower part lies the charger. The tray also has space for accessories and extra batteries.

Regardless of the mode of transport, the radio units are ready for use upon delivery.

We also assist you by building repeater systems for increased range. We have extensive experience of building radio coverage in larger areas, as well as between different geographical locations ( a so-called IP-site).