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TPO was founded in 2006 by Axel Ekblad who is still active in the company.

This was just before the real boom of digitalisation, and infrastructure for communication was something that was associated with secure and controlled indoor environments. As mobility began to become a more important factor, TPO soon transitioned to focusing our resources on robust infrastructure for communication in challenging environments and for temporary use. It soon turned out that there was a great demand for our services and our assignments and challenges grew. After a couple of years working with infrastructure for live TV and events with tens of thousands of viewers had become part of our everyday work. We have for example been working with Eurovison Song Contest for several years. In 2016, we choose to expand our offering and started working with projects in the mining and tunnelling industries. These were areas where we could benefit from our experiences of challenging projects in demanding environments. Our first tunnel project was Förbifart Stockholm which was followed by several others. 2017 we entered the construction industry where our strengths and experiences turned out to be great assets. Through the years, we have developed a number of collaborations with some of the leading players in the industry such as Cisco Systems, Mobilaris and Hydro66. This is because we realized early on the importance of collaboration and knowledge transfer in order to continue to be able to drive development forward.

We are currently involved in the construction of the great battery plant Nortvolt in Skellefteå in the northern part of Sweden. Our innovation workshop is the latest expression for our hunger for innovation. Here we have the opportunity to fully test tomorrow’s solutions in collaboration with other technology companies before we make them available to our customer base.


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