Communication solutions for touring

We offer infrastructure for communication adapted for use during tours.

WiFi connection for quick and easy establishment at the workplace for the day. Portable Two-WayRadio units packed in “ready-to-go cases”, which means that you only have to connect power. In addition, we provide printers, scanners and copiers.

As a complete supplier, we see it as natural that the scope of our delivery varies from assignment to assignment. Sometimes we only rent communication radio equipment, printers or surveillance cameras. Sometimes we deliver a complete, tailored communication solution. We undertake all projects with the same commitment.

With our roots in the Swedish and international touring industry, we have learned through the years what is needed and how it should be packaged in order to withstand the gruelling life on tour. Do you need an Internet connection to cash registers or payment terminals? Is the ticket validation dependent on connection?
Contact us for a tailor-made solution.

We offer:

  • All-In-One Printers packaged in flight cases suitable for touring use
  • Temporary Internet connection with WiFi. Simple and quick to setup
  • Telephone solutions, with Swedish or international telephone numbers
  • Cable or wireless Internet connection to cash registers and payment terminals
  • Cable or wireless Internet connection to entrances and ticket scanning
  • Surveillance cameras with recording
  • PortableTwo-WayRadio with windporting remote speaker microphone and other accessories
  • PortableTwo-WayRadio repeater for better coverage
  • Flight case in different sizes for easy, tour-adapted transport of equipment.


Network equipment

Our equipment is robust and redundant and can be moved easily and quickly. This applies regardless of whether you need a large backbone network with several miles of fiber cable to handle a public WiFi with extremely large capacity, or just a simpler solution for handling ticket scanning or streaming of image / sound. Our delivery can consist of a data centre, access points for wireless network that can handle both indoor and outdoor use, military-specified fiber cables in different pairs and different lengths on cable drums. The backbone network is monitored from a mobile network operation center, NOC. Depending on which services we deliver, the amount of hardware and size of staff are adjusted.

In the backbone network, all our services can be used and connected:

  • Surveillance cameras
  • Production network
  • Networks for cash registers and payment terminals
  • Public WiFi
  • Printers



Portable Two-Way-Radio

For radio equipment rental, we use the most trusted and reliable comm radio available on the market from Motorola Solutions, DP4401. We work with both digital and analogue radio systems and help you adapt a solution to your needs.

Communication radios from Motorola are built to withstand dirt, water, cold, heat and tough handling. In other words, they can take a normal day at work in our industry. Our equipment consists of original parts that are maintained and replaced continuously, which among other things means that the batteries are always of good quality and have a long life.


  • Windporting remote speaker microphone
  • Peltor headset
  • Spykit, air hose and mic
  • Earphone “mobile phone headset”
  • Operator headset


We deliver the radio equipment packaged to withstand transport in harsh environments.

18 radio units in racks with pull-out drawers for easy overview. Extra batteries are always included. Charging starts automatically when you connect the rack to an electrical outlet. Built-in lighting.

6 radio devices in Peli case. The units are stocked in a tray in the upper part of the case, ready for use. In the lower part lies the charger. The tray also has space for accessories and extra batteries.

Regardless of the mode of transport, the radio units are ready for use upon delivery.

We also assist you by building repeater systems for increased range. We have extensive experience of building radio coverage in larger areas, as well as between different geographical locations ( a so-called IP-site).



When building a full-scale, temporary production office, printers/copy machines are often a central piece of the puzzle. Our printer equipment is programmed and ready to use directly at your event or conference.

Our rental machines come with the following equipment:

Samsung X4300LX

  • 30 pages per minute in black and white and colour
  • Duplex print Built-in
  • Apple AirPrint or Samsung’s Mobile Print app
  • Can also print directly from USB memory
  • Scan to Email
  • Built-in sorting and stapling
  • Optional router and wireless access point for printer sharing
  • A5 / A4 / A3

Delivered securely packaged in a flight case. All you need to do to get started is plug in a 230V socket.

  • HEIGHT: 125 cm
  • WIDTH: 78 cm
  • DEPTH: 88 cm
  • WEIGHT: 200 kg



Samsung CLX-6260FR

  • Mobile printing with Samsung’s Mobile Print app
  • Can also print directly from USB memory
  • Optional router and wireless access point for printer sharing

Delivered safely packaged in a flight case.

  • HEIGHT: 51 cm
  • WIDTH: 47 cm
  • DEPTH: 45 cm
  • WEIGHT: 27 kg




Monitoring equipment is increasingly in demand at events and festivals and can be used in several different ways. The main areas of use are usually crowd management and for the acquisition of reference material.

When you can see in real time how the audience is moving, your security organisation can make better use of its resources and always make sure to be in the spot where they make the most difference. This makes it possible for you to take advantage of all the possibilities at your event.

The information from the cameras can be recorded and used as reference material for upcoming events. It can be difficult to remember after the event when there were queues for the toilets, when it was crowded in the bars or when there were long waiting times at the entrance. Camera surveillance provides you with reference material to answer all of these questions.

The cameras are of a dome style model from the world-leading company Axis, makers of CCTV equipment. The cameras have full pan, tilt, zoom function. The cameras are equipped to handle HDTV 1080p and have a 20 x optical zoom. They are also day/night mode enabled and the system is equipped with a joystick for control. The cameras are encapsulated to withstand the elements. Installation is made on existing poles/buildings or on mobile telescopic masts. The system is completed with a separate recording rack. A 50″ screen with split screen provides you with an excellent overview.

Keep in mind that there may be local, regional, and national regulations to consider when using surveillance cameras. We are happy to guide you in these matters.


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