The Pop´s visit to Malmö

It was in October of 2016 that Pope Francis made his highly anticipated visit to Malmö. There were multiple parties cooperating on arranging the visit which presented a challenge for our technical project management team. Especially since we felt that it was important that the end user would not experience our system as fragmented.

Another obstruction was the rigorous safety operation that surrounded the visit. This meant for example that we were unable to deliver additional hardware to an area after it had been secured by bomb sweepers. We had to get everything right from the beginning. A part of our assignment was to build two fully equipped press centres, one at Malmö Arena and on at Triangeln, a hotel in central Malmö. We also built a TV system in order for video to be transmitted from the different locations visited by the Pope to the press centres. One unusual part of the assignment was to supply a wired internet connection to the Vatican’s press service for them to make their FM radio transmission possible. The visit was carried out without any technical difficulties. That fact that the Vatican was pleased was made obvious after the event when they presented our partner Informationsteknik with a medal.