Skanska Citygate

TPO is playing an important role in the historic shift towards a connected construction industry when Skanska builds office spaces for the future.

A new landmark in Gothenburg, Citygate boasts 36 floors and stands at a height of 144 meters, making it the tallest office building in the Nordics. The building’s wide base encompasses 10 floors housing various amenities, including co-working spaces, an entrance foyer, restaurants, cafés, and a terrace. Floors of up to 2600 square meters cater to tenants requiring more space. Rising above the base is a 25-floor tower, offering 800 square meters per floor. Centrally located in the Gårda neighborhood, adjacent to the Ullevi Arena and directly connected to the E6 and E20, construction began at the end of 2018, and the initial tenants moved in during the summer of 2022.

The construction of larger buildings inherently involves multiple layers of complexity. Citygate’s exceptional height posed challenges, compounded by the notorious Gothenburg mud; the bedrock lying 60 meters below ground required 37,000 meters of iron beams to create a solid foundation. Additionally, the project faced a tight timeframe and limited space around the building’s footprint, surrounded by businesses, including Gothenburg’s largest fire station. These factors presented an intriguing challenge with various dimensions.

“We are witnessing a historic shift toward a connected construction industry: the interconnected construction site allows everyone to have a unified view of the ongoing situation. This fosters a safer site and improves the working environment. Moreover, it enhances productivity by minimizing renovations and miscommunications, ultimately reducing the building’s environmental impact,” explains Jimmy Hemmingsson, Block Manager Frame Completion for the Citygate project and Digital Leader at Skanska.

“Skanska engaged TPO as a network systems integrator: they helped us create a communications infrastructure, robust enough to connect all areas of the site, our own production office and all subcontractors.”