Formula E

In cooperation with Tata Communications, TPO travelled together with drivers, teams and other staff as a part of the Formula E crew. Our responsibility was local IT service, WiFi and wired networking to press centres, VIP- and hospitality areas as well as to several experience centres situated around the track.

We also provided a system for IP TV which was able to receive 20 channels and forward them to 150 different locations in and around the race area. We also created our own orchestration tool enabling us to decide which signals where going the press centre and which ones were directed to the hospitality area and so on. During the entirety of the race period from November to August, TPO constituted a vital part of the event and sent equipment the equivalent of a sea container to the different race venues. One dimension of the challenge was to develop equipment in the form of 20 “cases” which could withstand high temperatures and was fitted with battery backup in order to function for 45 minutes without external power. The commitment occupied eight specialists from TPO during approximately a year. Formula E is a very prestigious assignment. The organisers have no lack of inquiries from companies that want to be a part of the show. Still, they choose TPO for 2019 and the three next years. We view that as an acknowledgement that we are able to compete as well as deliver on an international market.