From a fringe festival for those already initiated to one of Sweden’s largest events. Summerburst is quite a success story, and TPO has been a part of it, every step of the way. The promoters behind Summerburst where quick to realize that internet access was more than just a gimmick. Consequently, during the latest instalments of the festival, internet access has been just as vital as electricity. For example, there are not any cash handling what so ever at the festival area. 

The audience is young and tech savvy, something that emphasizes the demand for fast and stable internet access. In 2019, Summerburst was held both in Stockholm (Stockholms Stadion) and in Gothenburg (Ullevi). On both locations TPO made sure that ticket validation, sales and distribution of sound and light went smoothly.

These kinds of events attract an audience that is very eager to share their experiences through social media. As an effect, many more are taking part in Summeburst “second hand” then there are people in attendance. This helps building the brand of the festival and creates an aura around the event.