The Northvolt Ett factory in Skellefteå is Northvolt’s first battery manufacturing facility. The construction of what could be Europe’s largest lithium-ion battery factory began in 2019, and TPO has been involved from the start.

In 2017, the Swedish company Northvolt announced an ambitious yet straightforward plan: to accelerate the transition to a decarbonized future by supplying sustainable, high-quality battery cells and systems and establishing a production line to secure the European supply.

TPO was involved early on in the project to provide Northvolt with the necessary communications infrastructure for construction of this magnitude. In 2023, Northvolt extended their partnership with TPO, signing a three-year contract where TPO is the exclusive supplier of temporary communication for Northvolt Ett.

“TPO has been a supplier since the construction of Northvolt Ett began in 2018. From the start, TPO has proven to be a reliable partner in Skellefteå, delivering a robust network indispensable during the construction of Northvolt Ett,” says Pinar Genc, Category Manager at Northvolt.

Today, TPO is responsible for maintenance, operations, and development of the network architecture during the build’s progress. With two employees on-site in Skellefteå, TPO manages day-to-day operations locally with support from our headquarters in Stockholm.

The network architecture, utilizing close to 400 active units, was designed from scratch by TPO and is built on Cisco hardware.

“At Northvolt Ett, I experience a challenging work environment where the tasks at hand require an agile approach, with environmental and solution changes daily, keeping me on my toes. I feel we have a constant focus on safety, both for our colleagues and the equipment, not to mention the network!” says Henrik Malmenholt, IT Technician at TPO.”