In 2006, our task was to supply the press room with internet access. In 2019, we fulfilled the role of a comprehensive infrastructural partner. During six legs in different cities around Sweden, our job was to turn ice hokey arenas and sports venues into TV production houses which would offer broadcast personnel and press the same conditions to perform their job as in a regular television studio. TPO had two members on staff on site during the entire tour in order to deliver WiFi to journalists and staff in the venues, in all around 300 people. TPO also delivered printers and internet access to editorial staff, the production office, the press room and the network used to control TV cameras and broadcast production.

The delivery also consisted in a comm radio network with a repeater system. During the finale, we had three co-workers on site as well as a remote technical specialist standing by. Our work with Melodifestivalen has provided us with solid experience of working with live broadcasts under a great deal of pressure. We are also proud of being a part of making Melodifestivalen to the phenomenon and national institution it is today.

During Melodifestivalen we perform our job as sub-contractors to Blixten&Co who has the role of tour producer.