Förbifart Stockholm

Infrastructural projects resemble outdoor festivals, with the main difference being that they go on for years instead of days. TPO have been a part of Förbifart Stockholm since the very beginning, making sure that it is a truly connected workplace. Among other things, this makes it possible to always know where all heavy machinery and all co-workers are located, leaving no doubt if everyone has made it out in case of an evacuation.  

We believe that digitalization is the only way for the industry to become more efficient, safer and more sustainable. With Förbifart Stockholm we are part of taking the first steps towards the connected workplace of tomorrow. A workplace where internet access is just as important as water, plumbing and electricity.

TPO provides architecture and hardware, leaving installation and support of the system to our partners. The environment in the tunnels is occasionally extremely harsh, and we have had great use of our experience of implementing different kinds of events in all kinds of locations. Thanks to our work the safety and working conditions of everyone building Förbifart Stockholm can now be guaranteed. We see it as a first step towards the complete digitalization of the construction industry.