To ensure that the yearly city festival Lollapalooza can take place in the Gärdet field in central Stockholm during tree days, TPO is on sight for a total of 20 days. 

From the arrival of the first truck loaded with equipment until Gärdet is once again empty we are on sight. Initially we are there with a smaller crew to establish a two-way radio network and build the production office. As the festival draws nearer more of us arrive to a total team of around 15. The team builds the network that is used by the festival staff, approximately 500 people all in all, working with the stages, security, medical services, administration and so on.

The networks is also used for cash registers, payment centrals and ticket validation. A dispatch central is established so that staff and security can monitor and review footage from the security cameras installed by TPO and surveil weather data and GPS tracking of personnel. TPO monitors the system continuously, in part to discover and cater to increased capacity demands, and partly to guarantee cybersecurity.

Gärdet is a location that in 2019, the first time the festival was arranged, was a blank paper to us and that offered its peculiar challenges. By continuously staying responsive to the organizer’s need, utilizing our broad experience and ability to improvise we are able to ensure that festival operations run smoothly without any technical mishaps and that we can adapt what we deliver as the festival grows in scope and demands change. This is the reason why we have been trusted to be involved as a supplier during all the years that the festival has been arranged.