Scandinavian Invitation

As early as tree weeks before the competition, four co-workers from TPO were on site in Mölndal to start the establishment of the production office, in order for the promoters to finalize their preparations leading up to the competition. Our delivery continued with securing WiFi and wired internet access for all international TV teams on site.  

The entrance tent was provided with internet access for ticket scanning and accreditation, and players’ lounge and press tents got WiFi, wired networking as well as network for printers. By four of the holes there were VIP lounges that we provided with WiFi.
An exhibition area and five restaurants also got internet access in order to be able to
perform sales.

The club house had an existing network for members which we reinforced for it to be able to cope with the additional strain during the week of competition. After we were done with the implementation phase we had two co-workers on site to monitor all networks and make sure that they lived up to the demands of the client. The competition was held without problems, in spite of the challenges in building and maintaining infrastructure in a widespread area with a lot of people and golf carts in constant motion.