In order to ensure that the festival could take place during three days on “Gärdet” in Stockholm, TPO was on site during a total of about twenty days. From when the first truck with equipment arrived until the moment when Gärdet was an empty field again. Initially, we were present with a core team of four people establishing comm radio networks and the production office.
The workforce then grew to consist about 15 co-workers at the peak of
the workload.

They built a network that was used by the festival staff, about 500 people, in their work with security, medical attendance, economy and so on. The network was also used for cash registers, credit card machines, ticket validation equipment among other things. A security central was also established where staff could monitor and record video from the security cameras, as well as monitor weather information and GPS data that showed where members of the staff were located at all times. TPO monitored the system continuously in order to answer to rising demand for data and to maintain the cyber security.

Gärdet as a venue was at the time an unknown location for us and provided its own specific challenges. By being perceptive and making good use of our experience and ability to improvise we were able to make sure that the festival could be carried out without any technical mishaps what so ever.